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The Dark Web
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This is a static 'mirror' of the dark web, captured 21 dec. 2016 with Mark's consent. Not all services function properly (read: most). The dripping blood is my extra touch.
Understand that usage of this website is at your own risk. Apply common sense where necessary.

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December 20, 2016

Due to vulnerabilities we will be down for an undetermined time starting tomorrow night. We are working on software AND server migration, to get the site up and going again, but we cannot promise anything at this moment. In the meantime the forums will remain active. Sorry for the inconvenience.

All trading moved to the boards

November 25, 2016

There are some issues with the site that we are dealing with. The forums still work as they should, but other parts are instable. We might have to go down for a while, as there are some major vulnerabilities right now...

All trading moved to the boards

September 21, 2016

As you have probably noticed already, just about everything has been removed from the 'Store' section. This is another step in our software migration. Currently all trading has been temporarily moved to the boards. All traders can login with their usual credentials. We expect to have the new system up and running around February - March 2017, but cannot say anything with certainty. Please remember that this is all for your security, the old system was simply too shabby.

Software migration

August 4, 2016

Due to recent downtime, instability and security issues (thanks 4leph) we are starting migration to new (again..) software. This software will be personally made by one of our 'IT-specialists' ;). What this means for you is that you can expect some changes in the system. We don't want to wait until the software is finished before taking some proper measures, so we will start migrating to other software first, starting with the marketplace, of course. Keep your eyes open for more messages.

We're back

June 2, 2016

Long story short: we had to move. Server, domain, software, everything is new. It was a long three months for us, but now we're back and ready to trade. We weren't able to migrate all everything from the old server, so we decided to just empty it completely... Sorry! But we figured this is for the best (all your information is safe). The 'Store' section will allow account registration for 2 weeks (14 days), after that it's invite only.
To clarify: this means that we cannot reproduce ANY of your old account information. So, don't contact any admin or mod asking for your old store, it's gone. If you haven't kept your own administration, and backed up none of your files, well... That's none of our business, sorry!